Claim Back PPI from 2001

Get back mis-sold PPI from 2001 No original paperwork required to make a claim. We are experts in aged and difficult PPI claims and will try to claim back further than most other claims companies.

If you find that you may have been mis-sold PPI as far back as 2001 we can help in making a claim. We’re PPI experts and can also claim as your representative, you will not even need to produce any original financial loan arrangement records and documents.

Banking institutions for a long time have been guilty of mis-selling PPI, we can easily help you to reclaim what you are owed. Payment protection insurance is normally offered to individuals to be certain that they might fulfill their finance repayment demands at times of economic problems for example loss of employment or maybe a certain illness. The frequent mis-selling associated with PPI commenced when employees who were on huge commissions begun to promote PPI to the individuals who had been unable to claim, such as self-employed and retired people. Payment protection insurance had been routinely mis-sold by simply suggesting to the buyer that PPI would be a necessity for the financial loan contract. PPI has been mis-sold by just about almost every commercial lender in the United Kingdom.

If you think you could possibly have been mis-sold PPI we can help you to reclaim every single penny along with any interest you may be owed. You will not be required to supply any original papers or the financial loans policy number to make a claim. We have been in a position to claim in some circumstances up to 30 years worth of mis-sold PPI for our own clients. Recover Your Money Ltd is one of the U.K.’s leading PPI claim specialists with over 13 years experience dealing with bank complaints.

You have been in all probability mis-sold PPI if:

  • The Payment protection insurance contract was included with the loan with out your actual knowledege
  • You were advised to get Payment protection insurance even although it was not best suited for you
  • You were not told about any kind of exeptions to claiming PPI which include health conditions and self employment
  • At absolutely no stage had you been advised of the fact that ppi arrangement would complete prior to loan was actually cleared
  • The fact that you would need to pay interest charges on the Payment protection insurance arrangement if it was included in the finance never was referred to
  • You were pressurised into acquiring Payment protection insurance cover
  • Claiming back PPI as far back as 2001 is no easy feat and many people will tell you this is unacheivable. However we have proven results to made claims back to this time. If you feel you may have an aged claim please contact us using the form on thsi page and we will get back to you within a few hours.

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