Claiming Back PPI from 1991

Claim back mis-sold payment protection insurance from 1991, No original paperwork needed to make a claim. We are specialists in aged and difficult PPI claims and will try to claim back further than most other claims companies.

Were you mis-sold PPI in 1991 PPI agreement we can make it easier to reclaim funds you may well be due. We would not require your original lending arrangement documents to help you make a PPI claim.

Banking companies for quite some time had been guilty of mis-selling PPI, we are able to help you claim back what you are due. Payment protection insurance was basically supposed to be an insurance to offer installment payments if someone fell into some kind of monetary difficulty as a consequence of ill health or maybe unemployment. The actual prevalent mis-selling involving Payment protection insurance begun when employees who were on substantial commission rates begun to distribute Payment protection insurance to those that were unable to claim, for example the self-employed as well as retired people. It was at the same time commonplace for companies to claim the best way a personal loan could be agreed was by having payment protection insurance. Just about every single bank and loan companies throughout the U . K . are responsible for some sort of PPI mis-selling.

If you think you may have been mis-sold Payment protection insurance we can help you claim back every single pound plus any interest charges you may be due. You won’t have to produce any kind of original documents or even the loans policy number to create a claim. We pride ourselves on being in position to claim further back compared to most other Payment protection insurance claim outifts, in some circumstances we’ve managed to claim nearly as much as 30 years of Payment protection insurance. If you feel you have a PPI claim, Recover Your Money Ltd can quickly and efficiently help you claim any money that you are owed.

Payment protection insurance was usually mis-sold in the following methods

  • It was not defined that PPI was in fact optional
  • You were offered PPI despite being unable to make a claim resulting from a preexisting health issue or being independently employed
  • At no point had you been informed how the ppi agreement would stop prior to when the loan was cleared
  • That you would need to pay back interest charges on the Payment protection insurance agreement in the event it was included on the financing was not ever talked about
  • You actually felt pressured into acquiring payment protection insurance
  • Claiming back PPI as far back as 1991 is no easy feat and many people will tell you this is unacheivable. However we have proven results to made claims back to this time. If you feel you may have an aged claim please contact us using the form on thsi page and we will get back to you within a few hours.

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